Pinnacle Spine announces launch of InFill V2 lateral interbody device for lumbar fusion


Pinnacle Spine has announced the launch of its InFill V2 lateral interbody device, which features a larger, single graft chamber and a large load-bearing surface area, which helps restore and maintain disc height and facilitates the formation of a robust fusion column.

The V2 lateral implants, the most recent update to Pinnacle’s patented flagship line of InFill interbody fusion systems, features an expanded size matrix and wide range of lordotic options.

“Science has shown that in many unilateral posterior lumbar interbody fusion procedures, less than 50% of the disc area is actually grafted,” said Zach Sowell, president of Pinnacle Spine Group. “Creating a greater opportunity to fill the biologic void is exactly why we developed the only patented interbody fusion system designed to deliver optimised graft-to-endplate contact. We are excited to add the V2 lateral device to our growing line of patented fusion systems.”

Features of the V2 lateral device include:

  • Unique access port to secure the implant to the inserter, ensuring controlled device placement and allowing in situ delivery of optimal bone graft volume.
  • A larger graft chamber to allow greater volume of bone graft material, promoting a more robust fusion column.
  • A larger load-bearing surface area to help maintain disc height and reduce chances of subsidence.
  • Bulleted nose to ease insertion and ensure precise placement for challenging disc conditions.
  • Implant size matrix to address unique patient anatomy with lengths ranging from 30mm to 60mm, heights ranging from 8mm to 14mm, widths of 18mm, 21mm and 24mm, and lordotic angles of 0, 7, 10 and 13 degrees.
  • Comprehensive instrumentation, including angled instruments and a variety of handles.
  • Multiple retractor options.