Phygen receives US patent for La Costa Snaplock ISP interspinous device


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Phygen has received a Notice of Issuance for its latest interspinous device as an additional device for use in the treatment of spinal disease and conditions. 

This is the first patent issued for the La Costa interspinous line, which includes a number of patent-pending designs.  The design of the La Costa SnaplokISP features the “no screws” stackable design.

“In addition to the La Costa SnaplokISP and Phygen’s other patent-pending interspinous implants, Phygen owns a patent-pending anti-backout pedicle screw system that we are preparing for re-launch.  Our associated surgeons have implanted over 300 clinical levels without a single incidence of backout in over five years of clinical experience, and we are excited to re-launch this…system,” says chief executive officer Tom Gardner.

“We are in the process of completing our filings with the FDA in order to re-commence clinical use of our products. The development of our product offerings is significantly advanced by this achievement,” concludes Gardner.