OsteoMed Spine launches the PrimaLIF lumbar lateral interbody fusion system


OsteoMed has launched the PrimaLIF lumbar lateral interbody fusion (LLIF) system, a system it believes can make the lateral approach less complicated. With the smallest initial diameter and five slim blade design, PrimaLIF LLIF provides “simplicity and security surgeons are looking for in a lateral system” according to an OsteoMed press release.

Controlled expansion from inside the PrimaLIF LLIF retractor allows gentle tissue distraction, minimal neuromonitoring utilisation, and nerve protection allowing the surgeon to complete the procedure with the safety, security and simplicity desired from a lateral system. 

Unlike some other systems on the market which utilise multiple dilators with neuromonitoring requirements with each insertion, the PrimaLIF LLIF retractor slides its 7.5mm initial diameter down over a guidewire. This places the nerves of the lumbar plexus posterior throughout the procedure. The retractor is then opened with sequential expanders from inside the retractor to give the surgeon access to the disc space. A rigid ring is placed at the distal end to maintain retractor opening and prevent coning of the blades. Surgeons can focus on the fusion site rather than keeping the retractor in place.

In addition to its improvement in retractor design, the PrimaLIF LLIF system includes a full set of disc preparation instruments, neuromonitoring components, illumination and a variety of implant options.