Osseon Therapuetics partner with Aesculap to distribute its vertebral compression fracture devices


Osseon Therapeutics announced that the company has entered into an international distribution agreement with Aesculap AG to distribute its vertebral compression fracture treatment devices, including its new CE mark approved device – Osseoflex SB (steerable balloon). 

Aesculap is a division of B Braun Melsungen, a large medical and pharmaceutical company headquartered in Tuttlingen, Germany.

“Aesculap is a major medical device company known throughout the world as a quality manufacturer and distributor of surgical instruments. Our new Osseoflex SB (steerable balloon) represents the most precise and controllable treatment device for vertebral compression fracture augmentation currently available to surgeons. Osseon is very excited to partner with Aesculap to distribute our game-changing Osseoplasty devices and procedures for vertebral compression fracture treatment to patients throughout Europe and the international community and provide state-of-the-art alternatives to the cumbersome devices and procedures currently used to treat fractures of the thoracic and lumbar spine,” said John Stalcup, CEO, Osseon.