Osseon announces the commercial release of their Osseoflex and Osseoperm


Osseon Therapeutics has recently announced the commercial release of their Osseoflex and Osseoperm systems for the treatment of spinal bone injuries.

These products combine to form a unique, new procedure termed Osseoplasty, which allows for a minimally invasive treatment of painful compression fractures of the spine, seen increasingly in older individuals with osteoporosis. Thousands more develop compression fractures as a result of trauma or malignant disease such as breast cancer, prostate cancer and myeloma (bone cancer).

Osseoflex is a steerable and curvable needle that can access the majority of the vertebral body from a single percutaneous access point. The Osseoperm system is customized to deliver optimal cement viscosity and precise cement placement through the Osseoflex needle.

As a result, the Osseoplasty procedure provides rapid stabilisation of vertebral fractures and significant pain relief in most patients within the same day. Other systems require multiple access sites, open cement preparation with staff exposure to volatile chemicals, and do not allow for access to all vertebral body sites or predictable cement placement.

“We successfully completed our limited market release this month in ten American medical centres, and we are very gratified by the safety and efficacy of the Osseoplasty system for the treatment of vertebral compression factures”, said John Stalcup, Chief Executive Officer of Osseon.