OrthoPediatrics announces full-scale US launch of small stature scoliosis system

RESPONSE Spine System

The RESPONSE 4.5/5.0mm System (OrthoPediatrics) has been launched in the USA. The company’s newest system, which received US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) 510(k) clearance in October, represents a product expansion for physicians to treat complex scoliosis in smaller stature patients at a younger age.

The RESPONSE 4.5/5.0mm System, designed in collaboration with paediatric orthopaedic surgeons, builds upon the implant and instrument technology of the RESPONSE 5.5/6.0mm System to expand the platform offering. The new small stature scoliosis system offers a hybrid implant technology allowing the option of either a 4.5mm rod in cobalt-chromium or 5.0mm rod in titanium or cobalt-chromium, multiple implant connector options, and innovative, new instrumentation.

Jonathan Phillips, paediatric orthopaedic surgeon and associate professor of orthopaedics at University of Central Florida (Orlando, USA), served as a design surgeon for the small stature system and commented, “I am excited for the launch of the highly anticipated small stature RESPONSE system from the leader in children’s orthopaedic technologies.”

He continued: “Conceived to mesh seamlessly with the RESPONSE system for larger statures, this instrumentation has been designed to serve a unique weight and size demographic in children’s orthopaedics and extends the versatility of OrthoPediatrics’ spinal instrumentation options. I look forward to this improvement to care for a diverse cohort of the most underserved children.”


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