Orthofix announces full-market release and launch of Trinity Elite


Orthofix announced on 1 July, in collaboration with the Musculoskeletal Transplant Foundation, the full-market release of Trinity Elite allograft with viable cells and VersaShield amniotic membrane tissue forms through both of its Spine Fixation and US Extremity Fixation distribution channels. According to the company, Trinity Elite provides the unique feature of being fully mouldable by the user.

Peter M Shedden, Greater Houston Neurosurgery Center, The Woodlands, USA, and a member of the company’s medical education team, said: “In my initial usage of Trinity Elite, I have been extremely satisfied with the ability to pack more graft material into a disc space during a posterior lumbar interbody fusion procedure, as well as posterior laterally. In addition, this novel allograft represents a new option for surgeons who want to apply a cell-based allograft to the lateral gutter and lay it flat along the transverse process.”

Orthofix president and chief executive officer Brad Mason noted: “We are very excited about the initial feedback from the early adopters, which has been universally and extremely positive, as it confirms Trinity Elite overcomes current challenges in graft containment and handling of cell-based tissue forms. Orthofix has long maintained its commitment to co-developing and commercialising such exciting technology with MTF.”

Trinity Elite, according to a company release, is a third generation allograft with viable cells and provides surgeons with an alternative to autograft, the standard for bone grafting.

The full-market release of Trinity Elite includes the launch into both spinal and extremity applications and is available in four different quantities.