Orthofix announces FDA clearance for Firebird SI fusion system


Orthofix has announced US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) 510(k) clearance and the first patient implants of the Firebird SI fusion system. The system is designed to compress and stabilise the sacroiliac (SI) joint during fusion, and is the first 3D-printed titanium bone screw to launch in the US for treating SI joint dysfunction, according to Orthofix.

“Pain in the lower back and buttocks may often be caused by degeneration of the SI joint as a result of stress to the joint during pregnancy or childbirth, everyday normal wear and tear, or an injury such as a fall,” said Justin Hall, an orthopedic surgeon who implanted the first patients at Baptist Memorial Hospital-Golden Triangle in Columbus, USA. “Sacroiliac joint fusion is an important treatment option to reduce pain through a minimally invasive procedure that can enable patients to return to better function and quality of life.”

In a press release, Orthofix said that the Firebird SI fusion system has been designed with a porous mid-shaft region that allows bone to grow into its surface—creating a bond between the implant and the patient’s bone at the SI joint. The system features a cannulated screw design, and enables surgeons to pack the device with autograft and/or allografts like the Trinity Elite Allograft with viable cells to help ensure bone fusion. Firebird SI screws are available in an assortment of lengths and diameters to address a variety of patient anatomies. This novel system is being launched in the USA through a limited market release.

“Orthofix Spine prides itself in creating differentiated technology for the advancement of patient care,” said Kevin Kenny, global president of Orthofix Spine. “We are excited to bring the Firebird SI fusion system to market as an extension of our flagship Firebird line of devices. This new system is another example of our commitment to providing surgeons and their patients with innovative options that interface with products and solutions within our portfolio.”

The Firebird SI fusion system is implanted through a minimally invasive surgery that typically can be performed in about an hour and may lead to less time at the hospital and a faster recovery than a traditional sacroiliac joint fusion surgery. The procedure with the Firebird SI fusion system involves inserting two to four bone screws across the SI Joint to stabilise during the fusion process.


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