Ortho Kinematics launches VMA-Align vertebral motion analysis diagnostic module


Ortho Kinematics has launched the VMA-Align product. VMA-Align is a new vertebral motion analysis diagnostic module and service offering.

According to a company release, VMA-Align gives spinal surgeons an unprecedented level of data to assist in patient selection and planning for lumbar fusion surgery.

Since 2014, a growing number of clinical studies have reported on the potential importance of considering spinal alignment measurements when assessing patients for lumbar fusion surgery. “Several well-regarded studies of lumbar fusion surgery patients have demonstrated correlations between alignment measurements and long term clinical symptoms,” says Richard Kube, from Prairie Spine & Pain Institute (Peoria, USA). “In my clinical practice, alignment data can routinely change my decisions regarding patient selection, the type of surgery, and the number of levels involved.”

VMA-Align reports are included as part of standard vertebral motion analysis diagnostic reports and provide detailed spinal alignment measurements. Therefore, no additional workflow should be required for existing vertebral motion analysis prescribers to access VMA-Align reports.