NuVasive launches Tube System and Excavation Micro for posterior spine surgery


NuVasive has announced the commercial launch of the NuVasive Tube System (NTS) and Excavation Micro, a new minimally invasive surgery (MIS) system that the company states provides comprehensive solutions for both transforaminal lumbar interbody fusion (TLIF) and decompression.

Ryan Donahoe, chief technology officer at NuVasive, said: “There’s a clear opportunity to transform surgery within the US$1.7 billion-dollar thoracolumbar posterior procedure segment and we’re seizing it with P360. Our P360 portfolio is now complemented by the launch of our NTS and Excavation Micro solutions that are specifically designed to increase workflow speed while delivering improved safety and reproducibility.”

Engineered to elevate the surgical workflow through efficient, controlled positioning, and optimised access, NTS and Excavation Micro are made a complete procedural solution with Advanced Materials Science and expandable interbody implants, biologics, Reline fixation system, and enabling technologies within the Pulse platform.

David Yam, a neurosurgeon in Portland, USA, added: “The tube systems on the market haven’t really changed much in the past 20 years. Now with NTS, I’m able to tackle two procedures with the same system through the incredible access design—which further extends NuVasive as the market leader in access innovation. Even with more complex surgeries, I’m able complete the case through a tube, rather than reverting to an open procedure.”


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