NuVasive launches Reline Trauma portfolio

NuVasive Reline Trauma system

NuVasive has announced the launch the new Reline Trauma portfolio, which is designed to provide surgeons the flexibility to customise their approach intraoperatively, including traditional open, Maximum Access surgery or hybrid procedures, depending on pathology and patient needs.

The system offers surgeons the ability to customise implant types and is intended to support a multitude of techniques, depending on surgeon preference.

The platform is designed to enhance the surgeon’s ability to dial-in fracture correction through a dual rack system, achieving independent lordosis restoration and parallel compression/distraction for ligamentotaxis. This enables procedures to be completed by one surgeon rather than two.

“The versatility of the new Reline Trauma system allows me to address trauma surgery circumferentially,” says Juan Uribe, associate professor, Department of Neurosurgery, University of South Florida College of Medicine, Tampa, USA. “NuVasive has removed the need for a second surgeon and eliminated hours in comparison to the alternative technique.”

The Reline Trauma fracture frame instrumentation is intended to allow for controlled fracture correction throughout the procedure, with or without a rod present in the construct. It is also designed to give surgeons the ability to place various rod diameters and/or materials before or after fracture correction.

Reline Trauma is integrated with the company’s proprietary computer-assisted technologies such as NVM5, NuvaLine, NuvaMap and NuvaMap OR, all within the Integrated Global Alignment (iGA) platform, designed to allow surgeons to calculate, correct and confirm spinal alignment through preoperative planning, intraoperative assessment, and postoperative confirmation for their trauma cases. Constructs are further integrated with the Bendini system which expedites manual rod manipulation via computer-assisted bend instructions.