NuVasive launches Cohere XLIF


NuVasive announced today the launch of their Cohere eXtreme Lateral Interbody Fudion (XLIF), a Porous PEEK interbody for use in XLIF and X360 surgeries.

This is the first Porous PEEK interbody, and adds to NuVasive’s Advanced Materials Science (AMS) implant portfolio. This portfolio consists of proprietary surface and structural technologies, and is designed for bone in-growth while maintaining the imaging and mechanical properties favoured with smooth PEEK and titanium coated PEEK interbody devices.

Concurrent with the launch of Cohere XLIG, the company has launched the Cohere XLIF AMS plate. This is a low profile anti-migration plate, which allows for up to two points of fixation. This plate provides additional solutions at the discretion of the surgeon, particularly in multi-stage procedures. The Cohere XLIF plate can be placed before or after the Cohere XLIF interbody.

Sanjay Khurana, LA Spine and Orthopaedic Institute, Los Angeles, USA, commented, “Cohere XLIF provides surgeons with a porous-surface implant designed to promote stability and improved early fusion rates over smooth PEEK and allograft… combined with Cohere XLIF, the Cohere XLIF AMS plate equips surgeons with additional technology when pathologic features call for it and gives confidence in a patient’s path to returning to normal activities.”


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