Nuvasive announces C360 cervical spine portfolio

The NuVasive Anterior Cervical Plate

NuVasive has announced the launch of its C360 cervical spine portfolio, which includes the commercial launch of its Anterior Cervical Plating (ACP) system. The ACP system features the thinnest plate on market at 1.6 mm, according to a press release from NuVasive. 

The company stated that, “the new ACP system challenges the status quo of cervical spine technology.” They further claim that it is designed to help reduce common postoperative complications such as dysphagia, malalignment, and adjacent level ossification. They allege it does so by enabling surgeons to customise treatments to patients needs, as opposed to a one size fits all approach. 

According to their press release, the ACP system comprises three plate profiles, inclusive of the thinnest plate on the market for one and two levels, with optimized plate stiffness for each surgical level to support construct stability; a wide array of implant length options for different patient anatomies, and to facilitate maximising the distance from the adjacent levels; and finally a range of advanced screws with integrated locking covers, enabling better screw placement and locking accuracy. 

Additionally, the C360 portfolio includes Reline Cervical, a posterior fixation system, which the company expects to be commercially available in 2021. 

According to NuVasive, this portfolio optimises surgeon experience and advances care in the operating room. They further claim that this move is part of their long-term strategy into a market with significant room for growth, as they report that cervical spine procedure comprises an approximate US$2.6  billion segment of the global spine market. 

Todd Albert, surgeon-in-chief emeritus at the Hospital for Special Surgery, New York, USA, commented, “NuVasive has created the single best anterior cervical system on the market with a comprehensive portfolio that allows surgeons to address different pathological needs… Key to this portfolio are the various anterior cervical plate profiles and sizes, that combined with the variety of interbodies, allows surgeons to customize their treatment to meet the needs of patients.”


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