Novel BoneScalpel technique published in Operative Neurosurgery


Misonix has announced a new clinical publication entitled: “Ultrasonic total uncinectomy: A novel technique for complete anterior decompression of cervical nerve roots,” by Peyman Pakzaban, Houston, USA.

This clinical article has been published in Operative Neurosurgery. The Misonix BoneScalpel is an ultrasonic device providing surgeons with a bone-cutting instrument that provides a clean, controlled bone incision and removal that is also soft tissue sparing. 

Pakzaban comments: “In my experience and practice, the ultrasonic total uncinectomy (UTU) has been proven to be a safe and effective technique for complete decompression of the cervical nerve root during anterior cervical discectomy and fusion procedures (ACDF).”

Along with the surgical technique, this clinical article also details Pakzaban’s experience with 38 patients undergoing a single- or multi-level UTU in conjunction with an ACDF procedure. These patients were followed up on at one and six week intervals and were tracked for neck pain, radiculopathy and myelopathy. The article also reports average blood loss, surgery time and length of hospital stay. 

In his study, Pakzaban encountered no vertebral artery injuries or dural lacerations. Pakzaban concluded, “With unique surgical technologies like the BoneScalpel, spine surgeons are now able to perform precise procedures like the uncinectomy with a reduced fear of injury to soft tissue or the vertebral artery.”

“We are encouraged by Peyman Pakzaban’s technical article and study results,” says said Michael A McManus, Jr, president and chief executive officer of Misonix. “This study adds to the growing body of published clinical evidence and confirms the unique value that the BoneScalpel brings to spine surgeons and their patients.”