Nexxt Spine launches cervical turn lock system


Nexxt Spine has announced the next generation of its standalone cervical system with the launch of Stand Alone Cervical Turn Lock (TL). The recently released TL system incorporates the dual functionality of a cervical interbody and anterior plate with the added assurance of an integrated one step turn lock. 

Each Nexxt Spine titanium interbody is 3D laser printed in-house utilising the Nexxt Matrixx technology exclusive to the company.  An intentionally engineered lattice that provides varying pore sizes from 300μ, 500μ and 700μ along with a modulus of elasticity comparable to PEEK are just some of the distinguished characteristics to the robust line.

The standalone cervical turn lock system is available in multiple footprints of sterile packed interbodies and accompanying screw sizes for varying patient anatomy. The zero profile construct eliminates the need for traditional plate and screw fixation. Additionally, an effortless 90 degree one step turn lock is designed to increase surgeon confidence and procedural efficiency. Surgeon highlights of the seamless system include visual confirmation of screw placement, preventable screw backout and self-guided instrumentation.

“Our products are constantly evolving to better serve our surgeons’ needs; showcased by the release of standalone TL” says company president Andy Elsbury.  “The Nexxt Spine development team has their fingers on the pulse of industry preferences.  With the luxury of in-house manufacturing we are able to innovate and deliver design iterations and new products at an impressive rate.”


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