Nexxt Spine announces commercial launch of the Nexxt Matrixx standalone cervical system

The NEXXT MATRIXX stand-alone cervical system

Nexxt Spine has announced the commercial launch of the Nexxt Matrixx cervical standalone system—a 3D laser printed titanium implant that features varying pore sizes and provides the strength and biocompatibility of titanium and a modulus of elasticity comparable to polyetheretherketone (PEEK).

The device, which includes pore sizes from 300μm, 500μm and 700μm, is designed to reduce patient trauma and, by eliminating the need for a supplemental fixation plate, save time for the surgical team.

Andy Elsbury, president of Nexxt Spine, said: “Following the success of the targeted launch to our valued surgeon evaluators, this launch is just the beginning of the full market release of our complete Nexxt Matrixx portfolio. We are excited to deliver this unique cervical system and the Nexxt Matrixx technology to our customers.”

The additively manufactured device provides the framework for anterior cervical discectomy and fusion (ACDF) procedures. It also includes multiple footprints, heights, and lordosis options—each with integrated fixation screws—and is designed to maximise safety by minimising retraction and exposure.

Adam Bruggeman of the Texas Spine Care Centre, Shavano Park, USA, said: “The Nexxt Matrixx cervical standalone device provides my patients more than a fixation and interbody device, as it has the potential to actively participate in the patient’s fusion process by combining an avenue for bone growth with a 75% open architecture, a surface roughness designed to increase osteoblast differentiation and production of angiogenic factors, as well as a modulus of elasticity equivalent to bone, making it a more physiological implant.”


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