Next generation Reline system launches

NuVasive Reline system

The next evolution of the Reline system (NuVasive) has just launched: the Reline MAS Midline (RMM). The company description says this system provides “procedural versatility in a compact midline construct”.

RMM incorporates low-profile modular implants and advanced system instrumentation to address alignment and potentially reduce adjacent segment transition syndrome. The system is designed to provide a minimally invasive approach to bilateral decompression under complete visualisation, interbody fusion and stabilisation with pedicle screws. Delivering screw modularity, RMM allows for greater procedural flexibility while enhancing visibility and access.

“RMM posterior fixation represents the most advanced midline cortical pedicle screw system on the market,” says minimally invasive spine surgeon Nitin Khanna (Clinical Faculty of Orthopaedic Surgery, Indiana University School of Medicine; partner, Orthopedic Specialists of Northwest Indiana, USA). “The introduction of modular, low-profile tulip heads was designed to address concerns with adjacent segment facet joint impingement. This system furthers NuVasive’s midline portfolio as best-in-class.”

According to NuVasive, the RMM solution utilises adaptable, streamlined instruments to support both cortical and standard trajectory techniques. The midline approach is simplified with the integration of access, interbody and fixation, while modular screw assembly is confirmed with visual and tactile feedback.

During the company’s first-quarter earnings call in May, NuVasive CEO Greg Lucier stated that NuVasive plans to launch more than a dozen new products this year spanning from implant systems to the introduction of its Surgical Intelligence platform, in addition to next-generation rods for early-onset scoliosis.


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