New vertebral balloon launched on to the US market


NeuroTherm has announced the release of its Parallax vertebral balloon. The company says that the balloon adds a key capability to its vertebroplasty and vertebral augmentation product line and says that it offers spinal specialists a device with spherical integrity in that it does not expand or “creep” distally—thereby reducing the potential for anterior cortex displacement.

According to a company press release, the Parallax Vertebral Balloon also offers the largest diameter balloon on the market and several safety features providing efficiency and ease to procedures. 

Marci Miranda, NeuroTherm’s Director of Global Marketing, said, “We are excited for the launch of the Parallax Vertebral Balloon as we are able to further partner with physicians in restoring the lives of patients suffering from painful vertebral fractures. Parallax was the first vertebroplasty treatment available. The launch of the new Parallax Balloon shows our commitment to further enhancing this product line to offer patients a precise solution for their fracture.”