New vertebral augmentation system launched


Stryker Interventional Spine has announced the US launch of its 11g iVAS balloon system. It stated that the system matched the least invasive vertebral augmentation option already available on the market for use in the treatment of vertebral compression fractures.

According to a company press release, the 11g iVAS balloon system addresses the surgical trend of shifting toward less invasive treatment options. Physicians must skillfully navigate their access cannulas through a small bridge of bone known as the pedicle, the anatomical formation that grants access to the vertebral body.

The press release reported that the new system is 17% smaller than a traditional 10g system and 27.7% smaller than the original 8g vertebral augmentation equipment.

Paul Lynch, practitioner at Arizona Pain Specialists and owner of Boost Medical, commented, “In today’s day and age, if I was going to treat my mom and dad, I would want to use the least invasive cannula to give me an adequate fracture repair. The 11g iVAS balloon system is just as efficacious (as previously available balloon systems) but less invasive, which is exciting.”