New spinal surgery table launched


Mizuho OSI has announced the release of its proAxis spinal surgery table. It says the table is the first of its kind and features software-controlled, advanced-hinge technology designed to support the biomechanical aspects of spinal and imaging procedures. Through a system of synchronised robotic movement, the hinged table system supports instantaneous axis of rotation of the vertebrae with coordinated patient translation.

According to a company press release, the table’s software-driven hinge technology allows for the desired degree of flexion and extension, providing direct visualisation of intraoperative changes in vertebral alignment. This feature facilitates spinal canal decompressions and controlled closure for lumbar osteotomies as well as access for various minimally invasive procedures. The table’s open frame design easily converts to a radiolucent imaging top, providing an ideal platform for supine and lateral procedures. Additionally, the carbon fibre construction of the table, including the radiolucent hinge, allows for excellent imaging without any interference at the surgical site. 

Steve Lamb, president and chief operating officer of Mizuho OSI , said: “We think that the proAxis 
spinal surgery table is a quantum leap forward in spine surgery patient positioning technology. We are proud to add to our company’s heritage in healthcare with this table.”