New PEEK-based polymer launched


Invibio Biomaterial Solutions has announced the global launch of its PEEK–OPTIMA HA enhanced polymer, which a press release reported combines two clinically proven advanced biomaterials for enhanced bone apposition: PEEK-OPTIMA and Hydroxyapatite (HA).

According to the press release, HA is fully integrated into the PEEK-OPTIMA natural grade to provide a complete homogeneous compound, which ensures that HA will be present at all surfaces of a device. John Devine, emerging business director at Invibio said: “We believe the launch of PEEK-OPTIMA HA enhanced provides surgeons with improved technologies and enables device companies to differentiate their product offerings.”

In a pre-clinical in vivo study using a sheep model, within four weeks of implantation, Invibio PEEK-OPTIMA HA enhanced polymer demonstrated enhanced bone apposition compared with PEEK-OPTIMA natural. Within 12 weeks of implantation the bone apposition levels are maintained with the new grade.