New Jersey Spine and Rehabilitation Surgical Center achieves AAAHC accreditation


New Jersey Spine and Rehabilitation Surgical Center (NJSRSC) has achieved accreditation by the Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Health Care (AAAHC). Accreditation distinguishes this Ambulatory Surgery Center (ASC) from many other outpatient facilities by providing the highest quality of care to its patients as determined by an independent, external process of evaluation.

Status as an accredited organisation means NJSRSC has met nationally recognised standards for the provision of quality health care set by AAAHC. More than 5,000 ambulatory health care organisations across the United States are accredited by AAAHC. Not all ambulatory health care organisations seek accreditation; not all that undergo the rigorous on-site survey process are granted accreditation.

“When you see our certificate of accreditation, you will know that AAAHC, an independent, not-for-profit organisation, has closely examined our facility and procedures. It means we as an organisation care enough about our patients to strive for the highest level of care possible,” said Richard Kaul, president, NJSRSC.

NJSRSC was opened in March 2011 by Board Certified Minimally Invasive Spine Specialist, Richard Kaul. This ASC focuses on the treatment of spinal pathologies using the latest and most effective minimally invasive outpatient approaches. Since opening over one year ago, NJSRSC has maintained an impressive 0% post-operative infection rate. “Aside from our overwhelmingly positive clinical outcomes, another source of pride for us is the fact that we maintain stringent standards for sterility throughout our facility,” said Kaul. “Too often patients suffer unnecessary complications and undergo additional procedures to rectify damage caused by nosocomial infections.”