New chondrocyte patents for SpinalCyte


SpinalCyte recently announced the issuance of new patents in the USA and Japan. The company’s patent portfolio now includes 39 US and international patents issued with over 100 patents pending focused on the clinical use of fibroblasts.

The company received investigational new drug clearance from the US Food and Drug Administration in November 2018 to continue clinical trials into its fibroblast cell therapy product, CybroCell, in the treatment of degenerative disc disease.

The US patent number 10,206,954 titled “Adipose cells for chondrocyte applications,” and Japanese patent number 6456826 titled “Generation of cartilage ex vivo from fibroblasts” describe methods to differentiate adipose and fibroblast cells into cartilage using a mould to shape the tissue to replace damaged cartilage. Claims also include using a mixture of chondrocyte-like cells, adipose cells and growth factors delivered to a joint to repair damaged cartilage.

“Our new patents demonstrate the versatility of our technology to repair cartilage not just in the spine, but throughout the body,” said Pete O’Heeron, chief executive officer of SpinalCyte.


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