New bone cutting technology from Surgify gets first surgical use


Finnish startup, Surgify, has announced that its bone cutting technology—which is designed to allow surgeons to perform operations on bones faster and safer—has been used for the first time in clinical practice at Helsinki University Hospital (Helsinki, Finland).

Mika Niemelä, head of surgery at the hospital, said: “The two surgical patients recovered well from their surgeries and returned home quickly. Neither faced soft tissue damage during the operation.

Surgify’s device appears to push the soft tissue out of the way. This is a major advantage, as a typical surgical drill that spins tens of thousands of times in a minute can be very dangerous if it touches soft tissue.”

Surgify’s technology aims to cut bone while preventing injuries to easily damageable soft tissues such as meninges, muscles, blood vessels, nerve pathways, or central nervous system structures.

Surgify’s CEO, Visa Sippola, added: “We see our solution as part of a bigger change that is happening in surgery, and that enables wider use of automation in many types of procedures. We envision enabling surgeons to perform their surgical skills beyond the limitations of current surgical instrumentation, allowing best-in-class surgical procedures for every patient and cost-efficient innovation for the health system.”

Newly appointed Surgify board chair, Lex Giltaij, commented: “We are starting in the Nordic countries and will soon take our groundbreaking technology to the international markets in the EU and USA. We are also looking forward to continuing our effective collaboration work with Helsinki University Hospital.”

Clinical procedures with Surgify’s new technology will continue at Helsinki University Hospital.


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