New balloon kyphoplasty products for spinal fractures


Medtronic has announced the launch of the Kyphon Express II Balloon Kyphoplasty Platform, which includes the next generation Kyphon Cement Delivery System. This new platform is the latest advancement in the Kyphon Balloon Kyphoplasty technology for the treatment of vertebral compression fractures.

The Kyphon Express II Balloon Kyphoplasty Platform features a maximum pressure rating of 700 psi, providing the treating physician a more powerful option for reducing fractures. The new system also gives physicians the option of using the cement resistant technique, which allows one balloon to remain inflated during contralateral cement fill, helping to maintain the goal of fracture reduction. In addition, this system includes an expanded tools portfolio that is more versatile, allowing for the treatment of a variety of different levels of the spine.

The next-generation Kyphon Cement Delivery System includes new features designed to increase the efficiency and precision of delivering bone cement into a vertebral body. The re-designed cement cartridges can be filled simultaneously with a provided T-adapter, increasing procedure efficiency. In addition, Kyphon Cement Delivery System now has longer shelf life for enhanced usability. The Cement Delivery System continues to allow the physician to deliver highly viscous bone cement to the patient from up to four feet away from the radiation source while maintaining tactile feel. It also still includes a Quick Release Button that provides the ability to halt the flow of bone cement on demand, giving the physician precise control over the amount of cement flow.

“Kyphon Balloon Kyphoplasty is a proven therapy that provides numerous benefits to patients suffering from vertebral compression fractures, including long-term maintenance of height restoration 3,4,5,6,” says Doug Beall, chief of Radiology Services for Clinical Radiology of Oklahoma, USA. “With the introduction of the Kyphon Express II platform and improved tools like the next-generation Kyphon Cement Delivery System, physicians can now treat more spine levels by choosing the sizes, length and volume most appropriate for the individual patient’s anatomy and fracture.”