NASS’ allograft and spinal cord stimulation coverage recommendations open for public comment

Spinal cord stimulation is gaining popularity as a treatment for back pain

The president of the North American Spine Society (NASS), F Todd Wetzel (Philadelphia, USA), has announced the opening of the society’s 30-day public comment period for its draft coverage recommendations on allograft and demineralised bone matrix for spinal fusion and on spinal cord stimulation.

The draft recommendations, which can be accessed here, will be available for comment until 20 May 2017. In an email announcing the news, Wetzel states, “Your thoughtful comments and suggestions are an integral part of the coverage development process and I strongly encourage you to take this opportunity to review and provide feedback.”

The draft recommendations, he writes, are based on “extensive review of the available literature and discussions with our volunteer leaders and subject-matter experts.”

Following the comment period, the NASS Coverage Committee will edit the draft recommendations and publish final versions.

Comments can be submitted to the North American Spine Society at [email protected]

For more information on the Coverage Committee and the process of creating recommendations, check out Spinal News International’s analysis.