Nanovis announces the 2,000th FortiCore interbody implantation

Nanovis Forticore PLIF (left) and TLIF (right)

The 2,000th implantation Nanovis’ Forticore has taken place as part of the company’s alpha product launch. The FortiCore posterior lumbar interbody fusion device comprises a deeply porous titanium scaffold interdigitated with a PEEK core.

“My patient’s short term response to the FortiCore PLIF has been positive. I implanted the interbody using a minimally invasive technique with no problems. The shape of the implant is favourable for multiple approach options. I am encouraged by the deep porosity of the titanium scaffold in contact with the vertebral endplate and the pre-clinical data on this technology,” says Richard B Rodgers, Goodman Campbell Brain and Spine, Indianapolis, USA, a participant in the alpha launch of the FortiCore PLIF.

“In the 18 months since I started using FortiCore, my patients have been doing well,” says Gregory Hoffman, Orthopedics North East, Fort Wayne, USA, an early adopter of the technology. “Initially, I was interested in trying to improve my patient’s outcomes by using a deeply porous titanium scaffold. I have been pleased with the excellent radiologic on growth seen on X-ray at 8-12 weeks and the ease of imaging bone through the PEEK core,”