Nanovis announces new Forticore wedge-shaped Iorditic cervical cage and TLIF device


Nanovis has released its Forticore wedge-shaped Iorditic cervical cage and a transforaminal lumbar interbody fusion (TLIF) device with increased scaffolding.

FortiCore implants, comprised of a PEEK centre and a deeply porous titanium scaffold, are the most scientifically advanced interbody fusion devices, according to Nanovis. This combination is designed to increase positive outcomes in spinal fusion procedures, while promoting preferable imaging techniques. To increase integration, PEEK Optima by Invibio is also injection moulded into the scaffold.

“Hospitals that are focused on outcomes and quality of care want interbody devices that allow surgeons to improve fusion and stabilisation rates. This requires a different approach. A scientifically advanced approach that is fundamentally different from legacy titanium, PEEK, and surface coated implants,” says Matt Hedrick, CEO, Nanovis. “FortiCore isn’t a chip off the old block. We’ve layered a deeply porous titanium scaffold on PEEK creating fundamentally differentiated implants.”

The wedge-shaped cervical cage is preceded by the completion of more than 400 FortiCore implantations throughout hospitals in the USA.