Mizuho Osi opens London showroom


Mizuho OSI has opened an international showroom and education centre in Brentford, London, which features their complete product portfolio. This is the first facility outside the USA for the company.

According to a company press release, the facility will be used to educate and train their distribution partners and their customers. The showroom displays all the Mizuho OSI’s orthopaedic and spinal patient positioning products and will become a comprehensive training centre.


“This new showroom and educational facility will allow us to better serve our customers in Europe, the Middle East and Africa, which will strengthen our relationships and grow our business in this region of the world,” said Steve Lamb, president of Mizuho OSI. “With product placements throughout Europe, Russia, South Africa, and Saudia Arabia, it is apparent that our products have universal benefits for patient care. I am excited for our employees and customers to have taken this step.”


Products on display in the showroom include: Spinal Table System ; Hana surgical table; PROfx surgical table; SSXT  patient positioning extension; Allegro imaging table; INSiTE surgical table; Ultra Shoulder Positioner; Wilson Frame; Tempur-Pedic Medical positioning pads; and Proneview Pillow.