Misonix unveils new BoneScalpel app


Misonix has announced the launch of its BoneScalpel app for iPad mobile devices.

The new iPad app was designed to educate users on the extensive benefits of the ultrasonic BoneScalpel for spine surgery. Users can explore the science behind the BoneScalpel with 2D animation of the innovative ultrasound technology, witness the precise cutting and shaving abilities in the video portfolio, and observe the surgical technique used for cutting bone with an interactive 3D spine model. The app also contains extensive material on BoneScalpel’s clinical and economic benefits, key publications and endorsements from distinguished surgeons who have made BoneScalpel a standard of care in their practice.


As Eric J Woodard, chief of Neurosurgery at New England Baptist Hospital explains: “While the use of the BoneScalpel has become standard practice at our institution for performing spinal procedures, for those surgeons without first-hand experience with the device, they need to understand the significant differences and benefits the device affords them. Given the unique ultrasonic mechanism by which the BoneScalpel actually cuts bone, and the safety and efficiency that it imparts to the overall surgical procedure, one of the best ways to illustrate these benefits is through tools like this new app. Having been involved in medical education throughout my career it was an absolute pleasure to contribute to this project by translating one of our surgical techniques into a teaching model with interactive 3D viewing. With this app, surgeons now will better appreciate how the BoneScalpel works and the benefits it will bring to their patients and operating rooms.”


“This new iPad app is a significant advancement in our commitment to develop new tools to better communicate with our rapidly expanding global customer base and international stakeholders. We will continue to expand this digital platform through regular updates to include new information, surgical videos, product offerings and functionality, which will be available in the Apple iTunes store.  Surgeons around the world now have direct access to the most up-to-date BoneScalpel technical information and they also have the ability to schedule a surgical evaluation directly through the app,” states Michael A McManus, Jr, president and chief executive officer of Misonix.