Misonix participates in Cleveland Clinic Spine Review


Misonix has announced its participation in the Cleveland Spine Review; Hands-On Course 2012,  presented by the Cleveland Clinic Center for Spine Health, being held in Cleveland 11–17 July 2012.

The Cleveland Spine Review is a comprehensive bio-skills course utilising the cadaver laboratory and didactic sessions while providing ample time for discussion. It is an intensive course that emphasises the fundamentals of spine surgery through intensive, hands-on sessions, wherein the participants study surgical techniques and strategies for a range of procedures, including the most complex cases. More than 150 participants are expected to attend, including neurosurgeons, orthopaedic surgeons, operating room nurses and physician assistants.

Misonix will be exhibiting its BoneScalpel Ultrasonic Bone Cutting System, which is being adopted by spine surgeons worldwide. Further, the BoneScalpel will be available for use by clinician registrants in the bio-skills laboratory sessions. Misonix personnel will be advising at multiple laboratory work stations to help surgeons understand the techniques necessary to enable them to perform faster and safer surgical procedures. 

The company has announced that participants in the laboratory will be among the first surgeons to use the company’s new 30mm Blade line extension, designed for precisely transecting larger bones and/or for providing deeper access into body cavities. 

“The BoneScalpel is a safe and effective bone cutting device that can be used to facilitate osteotomies in a variety of spine surgeries. This device may obviate the need for and risk of high speed burrs and oscillating saws during spine surgery. It is a very versatile and safe device, with multiple applications to carve and craft bone,” said  Isador H Lieberman, orthopaedic surgeon at the Scoliosis & Spine Tumor Center, Texas Back Institute and Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital in Plano, Texas, USA.

The Cleveland Spine Review is one of more than 30 courses of a similar theme, throughout the United States, that will be supported by Misonix during the year.