Misonix exhibits at 65th Southern Neurosurgical Society Annual Conference


Misonix recently attended the 65th Southern Neurosurgical Society (SNS) Annual Meeting in San Juan, Puerto Rico from February 19-22, 2014. The company exhibited and highlighted the BoneScalpel and SonaStar Ultrasonic Surgical Aspiration System.

The Misonix BoneScalpel is a novel, ultrasonic surgical device that enables rapid, safe and precise osteotomies. It is designed to provide clean cuts through osseous structures with minimal loss of viable bone and intra-operative bleeding reduced, keeping the surgical site clear of blood. Reductions in operating room time can also be significant. SonaStar offers precise and soft tissue aspiration and effective removal of osseous structures. SonaStar technology includes the most powerful hand piece on the market today, and wireless technology. 

Peyman Pakzaban, Houston MicroNeurosurgery, Houston, Texas, USA, states, “As a neurosurgeon specialising in spinal microsurgery, I have had extensive experience with the use of BoneScalpel in spine surgery. The reduced risk of cerebrospinal fluid leak and neurological injury is expected to have significant economic benefits, such as reduced use of tissue sealants, diminished length of hospital stay and reduced rate of readmissions and reoperations for CSF complications. I believe BoneScalpel is as significant to spine surgery today as the adoption of the pneumatic drill was several decades ago.”