Misonix BoneScalpel subject of new clinical paper


Misonix’s BoneScalpel was cited in a clinical paper accepted for publication in The Laryngoscope, a peer-reviewed journal circulated to leading ear, nose, throat and reconstructive surgeons, entitled “Piezoelectric Bonescalpel osteotomies in osteocutaneous free flaps”

The paper was authored by Wick et al (Department of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery, University Hospitals Ear, Nose, and Throat Institute; University Hospitals Case Medical Center, Cleveland, Ohio) and in this instance, “free flaps” referred to harvested bone and soft tissue from donor sites used in reconstructive surgery of the head and neck.


A company press release stated that among the conclusions of the study, it was noted that the BoneScalpel Ultrasonic Bone Cutter offered a safe and efficient method to create precise cuts during the harvest of bone to be used for reconstructive surgery of the head and neck, generally required as a result of cancer surgery.  It also stated that the primary advantages of the device included better tactile control, precise osteotomies (cuts through bone), a minimal learning curve for the surgeons, and theoretic protection of vital soft tissue such as vascular structures.


According to the release, the BoneScalpel is a novel ultrasonic osteotome used for safe, tissue-selective bone dissection that encourages non-fragmented bone removal and refined osteotomies while sparing elastic soft tissue structures.  It added that most users have reported that the surgical field is relatively bloodless and clean. Loss of viable bone is minimal and controllable. The BoneScalpel has been used extensively for bone removal in the cervical, thoracic and lumbar spine, including deformity surgery. 



“We are proud to be cited by a prestigious peer-reviewed journal for yet another positive clinical experience with the Misonix BoneScalpel when used in advanced head and neck surgery,” said Michael A McManus Jr, president and chief executive officer of Misonix.  “It is our privilege to provide state-of-the-art head and neck surgery technology to prestigious institutions such as Cleveland’s University Hospitals”