Minimus Spine gets its first US patent for spinal ozone technology


Minimus Spine recently announced today that it received its first US patent describing techniques to create and deliver intradiscal ozone injections to treat disc herniation.

“The issuance of this first patent represents a significant milestone for the company. In Europe, intradiscal ozone injections have been used successfully for nearly 20 years, but there is significant room for improvement and standardisation. Minimus Spine’s goal is to vastly improve the standard technique employed outside the USA, and to protect those improvements with appropriate patents.

This first patent validates the novelty of our approach and bodes well for several other pending applications and also our ability to raise capital. This technology uniquely fills a growing niche between conservative care and spine surgery”, stated David Hooper, Minimus Spine’s founder and CEO.

It is estimated that over one million patients in the USA suffer from disc herniation pain and seek steroid injections or surgery. This group is growing, with the majority being young sufferers looking for options to prevent or at least delay surgery”, declared Bruce Frankel, neurosurgeon at Medical University of South Carolina and a member of Minimus Spine’s surgeon advisory board.

He also stated, “I am excited by the potential for this technology to enter the US market. The concept is already supported by a number of peer-reviewed papers published outside the United States. The literature indicates that ozone may be capable of reducing a disc herniation with a single injection, eliminating the need for multiple steroid injections and/or a surgical discectomy. That would be an enormous benefit to spine patients and reduce the overall cost of treatment.”