Minimus Spine Triojection abstract chosen as “Featured Paper” at CIRSE 2017

Minimus Spine’s Triojection

An abstract offering an update on Minimus Spine’s ozone gas injection treatment for painful disc herniation has been recognised as a Cardiovascular and Interventional Radiological Society of Europe (CIRSE) 2017 “Featured Paper”.

Alexis Kelekis, an interventional radiologist and editor-in-chief of Spinal News International, practicing at Attikon University Hospital in Athens, Greece, will be presenting an update on an ongoing study comparing Triojection to surgical discectomy at the conference. Triojection was developed by Minimus Spine, and is intended to facilitate an injection of ozone gas as a treatment for painful disc herniations. The system is designed to offer the advantages of sterility and direct measurement of ozone concentration in the syringe.

Kelekis, says, “Our abstract scored well and is being recognised as “Featured Paper” in the session, which is an honour. There is great interest in this study for several reasons. It is the first randomised study to compare an intradiscal ozone procedure directly to surgery. It is also the first ozone study to include sites in multiple countries, Italy, Greece and Switzerland, and none of us had any prior experience using ozone. This is an important study. If Triojection demonstrates comparable outcomes to surgery without the post-operative recovery and long-term complications of surgery, then it will be an attractive option for physicians and patients.”

Minimus Spine’s chief executive officer and president, David M Hooper, says, “CIRSE 2017 is expected to draw over 6,500 international delegates, mainly from the EU. This is an excellent opportunity for us to meet with European physicians as we prepare to launch the product in Europe next year.”


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