EOS imaging installs its first site in Mexico

EOS imaging System

EOS imaging, a 2D/3D imaging company for orthopaedics, has announced the first installation of an EOS system in Mexico, the largest Central American market, at Shriners Hospitals for Children—Mexico, located in Mexico City.

“Shriners Hospitals for Children—Mexico, noted for excellent paediatric specialty care, modern medical technology and exceptional personnel, is proud to bring the EOS technology to our facility,” says Mariano Gonzalez Lugo, the hospital administrator.

“The ability to obtain full-body, weight-bearing images of our patients will further enhance the orthopaedic care we provide. In addition, the EOS system produces images with far less patient exposure to radiation than conventional X-rays. Our patients deserve safe, quality imaging and this is an important step in the right direction.”

Established in 1945, Shriners Hospital for Children—Mexico today has 80 beds and four operating rooms to treat patients up to 18 years of age for general paediatric orthopaedics, including upper- and lower-extremity surgeries, spine surgeries and bone lengthening and correction surgeries.

“We applaud the Shriners Hospitals for Children for their commitment to safe imaging and are excited to see our footprint expand into Mexico,” comments Marie Meynadier, CEO of EOS imaging. “This is the first facility to adopt our system in Mexico City, serving more than 12 million inhabitants. It marks a significant step towards making our solutions available to Central American patients and healthcare providers.”

This follows the recent 20th installation of the EOS imaging system in a University hospital centre, and the 15th installation of an EOS imaging system in Australia.


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