Medtronic to purchase 15 Mazor X systems


Mazor Robotics has unveiled Mazor X, a new guidance platform for spinal surgeries. Mazor recently signed a commercial co-promotion and co-development agreement with Medtronic. As part of the agreement, Medtronic has placed a purchase order for 15 Mazor X systems.

The Mazor X has been developed with the goal of enhancing predictability and patient benefit, through the combination of analytical tools, multiple-source data, precision guidance, optical tracking, intraoperative verification, and connectivity technologies.

Mazor Robotics will commercially launch the Mazor X platform during the 2016 North American Spine Society (NASS) annual meeting held in Boston, USA, in October.

“We have now got a platform that could help us be more precise, more efficient, and reduce the overall risk rate of spinal surgery,” says Isador Lieberman from Plano, USA. “These tools are facilitating the plan and its execution with precision.”

“In my opinion, it will be the standard of care, no doubt about it,” Dennis Devito from Atlanta, USA adds. “This goes beyond just placing an implant. We are looking at how the whole procedure works.”

According to a company release, surgical assurance is provided by the Mazor X via three main coordinated processes:

  • Preoperative analytics: A suite of software-based tools designed to preoperatively assess spinal alignment and implement full surgical planning, facilitating a total patient treatment strategy. A component, the X-Align module, is a combination of biomechanical logic and virtual surgical tools with computerised alignment calculations, intended to streamline the process of creating a holistic alignment plan for each patient.
  • Intraoperative guidance: Using precision mechanics and a bed-attached, bone-mounted surgical arm to guide surgical tools and synergistic implants according to the preoperative analytics. Coupled with innovative tracking and imaging, intraoperative guidance is designed to effect predictable execution of the surgical plan.
  • Real-time 3D verification: The Mazor X system’s real-time verification is intended to allow surgeons to close the surgical loop and to confirm execution and reconciliation of the surgical plan using 2D fluoroscopy-based technology, visual tracking, or intraoperative imaging systems.