Medtronic launches new screw for its CD Horizon Solera spinal system


Medtronic has announced that global launch of its sagittal adjusting screw for its CD Horizon Solera spinal system. The new screw features a fixed head made of cobalt chrome that contains a sliding saddle.

According to a press release, the engineering concept behind the screw is to give vertebral body control with accommodation of rod seating, providing surgeons with the ability to position the sagittal adjusting screw in the natural kyphotic and lordotic curves of the spine. The launch of the screw coincides with theInternational Meeting on Advanced Spine Techniques (IMAST; 1013 July, Vancouver, Canada).

“The sagittal adjusting screw is another key element in enhancing the capability of our CD Horizon Solera pedicle fixation system,” said Doug King, Medtronic senior vice president and president of Medtronic Spinal.  “It brings new innovation to the market and extends our industry-leading portfolio of spinal therapies.”