Medtronic launches most advanced StealthStation for neurosurgery

Medtronic StealthStation

Medtronic has launched its new StealthStation technology at the American Academy of Neurological Surgeons (AANS) annual conference in Los Angeles, USA. The new S8 model is intended to bring an advanced solution to neurosurgeons with enhanced workflows, efficiencies, and more comprehensive data integration, providing useful surgical navigation information.

“Neuro-navigation and computer-based surgical guidance has become a standard part of neurosurgery practices today. The StealthStation helps me ensure complete resections as well as helps me minimise approach-related complications,” says neurosurgeon Colin Buchanan, The Medical Center of Aurora, Aurora, USA. “I believe many neurosurgeons will be excited to see what the newest version of this technology will offer.”

The technology includes a new and improved software interface, a two-cart platform design, and electromagnetic technology to complement the surgical workflows.

The new user interface is designed to bring a streamlined solution with intuitive software workflows designed for ease of use. The software is intended to provide new tools for advanced visualisation—allowing the surgeon to use the data intraoperatively. Patient registration improvements allow the surgeon more flexibility in registration, according to a press release, while providing quantitative feedback. Planning components are designed to allow surgeons to combine patient data and segment structures all integrated onto high-definition touchscreen monitors for 3D visualisation to help them plan prior to entering the operating room.