Medtronic launches CD Horizon Solera 5.5/6.0 System


Medtronic has announced the initiation of the global launch of the CD Horizon Solera 5.5/6.0 System. This product launch is part of the CD Horizon family of fixation devices, designed to provide spinal stabilisation and correction as an adjunct to fusion in patients suffering from painful and function-limiting disorders of the middle and lower back.

The CD Horizon Solera 5.5/6.0 System extends the capability of the CD Horizon Solera 4.75 System launched in 2011 and offers the ability to customise the spinal construct to match the patients’ needs by offering an implant system that accommodates two diameter spinal rods and an array of materials. Spinal construct customisation allows for targeted applications ranging from high demand spinal surgical cases such as adult deformity, adolescent idiopathic scoliosis (AIS) and tumor/trauma cases to lower demand degenerative spinal conditions.

“By leveraging the full CD Horizon Solera System, spinal pathologies and patient factors can be treated with fewer inventories than the typical spinal implant system,” said Doug King, senior vice president, Medtronic Spinal. “This innovation now accommodates multiple spinal rod dimensions and materials with two implant platforms which provide an additional variety of options to meet unique patient needs.”

The CD Horizon Solera System is designed to work with the Powerease System, a system of powered instruments designed for drilling, tapping, and driving screws and working end attachments during spinal surgery, including open and minimally invasive procedures.