Medtronic Canada unveils Mazor X, the first dedicated robotic spinal surgery platform in Canada

Mazor X spinal robotic system

Medtronic Canada has announced the commercial launch of the Mazor X system for robotic-guided spine surgery. The Mazor X platform offers a fully integrated procedural solution for surgical planning, workflow, execution and confirmation, and is, according to the company, the first dedicated robotic assisted spine surgery platform to be launched in Canada.

The Mazor X platform incorporates Medtronic’s existing StealthStation S8 surgical navigation capabilities into the Mazor Core Technology robotic-assisted surgery platform. Real-time image guidance, visualisation and navigation are informed by interactive 3D planning and information systems in order to deliver workflow predictability and flexibility for procedures.

Scott Paquette, orthopaedic spine surgeon, and president of the Canadian Spine Society, said: “The integration of navigation and robotic technologies into one platform is an exciting advancement in the field of spinal surgery. Mazor represents an incredible future of possibilities in spinal robotics, which I believe will greatly contribute to reduced risk for patients.”

The three-dimensional Mazor X platform is designed to allow surgeons to quickly visualise anatomy and spinal structures in relation to one another. This provides surgeons with access to plan and simulate spinal cages and screws in advance, with the goal of increasing efficiencies and surgical precision.

The Midas Rex MR8 electric high speed drill systems are fully integrated throughout the Mazor X system, enabling improved trajectory precision starting with pilot hole creation and offering attachments and dissecting tools designed to drill with accuracy at speeds up to 75,000 rpm. Surgeons can now use navigated interbody features on the Mazor X system to visualise disc prep and interbody placement during a robotic procedure.

Peter Tomashewski, senior director of neuro and spine surgery within the Cranial & Spinal Technologies business at Medtronic Canada, added: “Mazor embodies a synergy between robotics and navigation, providing a rigorous degree of accuracy integrated throughout the surgical procedure, with the hope of producing more reliable outcomes. The addition of Mazor to our portfolio provides another transformative tool that elevates our value driven solutions for spinal care.”


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