Medtronic bags FDA approval for Vanta implantable neurostimulator


Medtronic has received US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval for its Vanta device—a recharge-free implantable neurostimulator (INS) with a device life that Medtronic say last up to 11 years.  

A company press release states that, at comparable settings, the Vanta neurostimulator offers nearly twice the device life than competitive primary cell devices. It also utilises Medtronic’s proprietary AdaptiveStim technology for personalised pain relief that adapts to the patient’s movement or body position using a built-in accelerometer.

AdaptiveStim technology automatically adjusts stimulation to maintain each patient’s dose. The Vanta neurostimulator also provides full-body MRI access with SureScan technology.

Krishnan Chakravarthy, an interventional pain management physician based in San Diego, USA, said: “Not every patient with chronic, intractable pain is an ideal candidate for a rechargeable device, so the Vanta INS represents a welcome addition to my portfolio of available treatment options.

“The extended battery life, broad MRI compatibility and personalised relief through AdaptiveStim technology allow for a more hassle-free experience and greater freedom for my patients as we manage their chronic pain.”


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