Medtronic announces launch of the T2 Altitude expandable corpectomy device


Medtronic announced the US and European launch of the T2 Altitude expandable corpectomy device at the North American Spine Society’s 26th annual meeting (Chicago USA, 1−5 November). 

The product, a self locking expandable vertebral body replacement cage intended for use in the thoracolumbar spine (T1−L5), is designed to provide spinal stabilisation and correction in patients suffering from a traumatic or tumour disorder.

This expandable corpectomy device features an innovative self locking mechanism that eliminates the need for placing a set screw during surgery. The device can be filled with bone graft after insertion and also after expansion, creating bone contact with the end plate and the opportunity for fusion to occur inside the device.

Possible risks include, early or late loosening of the components and implant migration and the disassembly, bending, and/or breakage of any or all of the components.

The device comes in multiple sizes, allowing a surgeon the flexibilty to fit the various needs of a trauma or tumour patient. Additionally, the device allows the surgeon the ability to insert the cage from a posterior, anterior or lateral approach and is compatible with Medtronic’s proprietary minimally invasive technologies, known as MAST. This system is also compatible with Medtronic’s neuromonitoring system, Nim-Eclipse system.

Another indication or use for the T2 Altitude expandable corpectomy device is in the treatment of cancer patients. If the cancer spreads in the spine, the surgeon may opt to remove the affected vertebral bodies and replace them with the T2 Altitude device.

“We continue to deliver on our long-term commitment to therapies for complex spine disorders for spinal tumour, trauma and deformity patients,” said Doug King, senior vice president and president of Medtronic Spinal. “T2 Altitude is a new option for surgeons who perform corpectomies, including through the use of minimally invasive techniques.”