Medtronic announces launch of the Powerease system for reconstructive spine surgery


Medtronic has announced the initiation of its launch of the Powerease system, which contains electronic instruments designed specifically for use in instrumented, or reconstructive, spine surgery. 

This system is compatible with the company’s CD Horizon Solera Spinal System and the TSRH 3Dx Spinal System, and is integrated with other advanced surgical technologies, specifically Medtronic’s Nimeclipse neuromonitoring, O-Arm imaging, and StealthStation navigation systems.

The Powerease System is used for drilling, tapping and driving specialised implants during spinal surgery, including open and minimally invasive procedures. The system is also used in final construct assembly.

“Biomechanical testing demonstrated that when compared with traditional instruments used for delivering spinal therapy, the Powerease System reduces surgeon’s fatigue associated with repetitive hand motion and enhances surgeon control, including in complex reconstructions of the spine,” said Doug King, senior vice president and president, Medtronic Spinal. “We are pleased to couple advanced power technology with our proprietary neuromonitoring and surgical navigation systems, which enable a more informed procedure.”

Through biomechanical testing versus manual instruments, the Powerease System demonstrated 51% less time required for tapping the pedicle and 55% less time required for placing pedicle screws. This testing also showed greater control with 38% less wobble, defined as maximum radial movement of the instrument from the center axis of the instrument or screw when placing pedicle screws, compared to manual instruments.