MedTech Insights: Covid-19 has “served as a catalyst” for a shift towards outpatient spine care


Carlton Weatherby (Memphis, USA), vice president and general manager of spine and biologics at Medtronic, talks to Spinal News International about his own early experiences within a healthcare setting and specifically his “early affinity” to the field of spine.

Spine is a “very complex space, somewhat of a wild-west where there is more of an art than a science” says Weatherby, noting however that this offers an “exciting opportunity to have a lasting impact on the industry”. He goes on to discuss the importance of innovation, noting that “building an ecosystem that is truly comprehensive and integrated is where I think innovation is going to be the most impactful”.

He also highlights the effects of Covid-19, stating that “it has been fun as a big company to see us act in an entrepreneurial spirit in the response to this crisis.” In terms of its effect on the field of spine as whole, it has “served as a catalyst for this shift that we have been seeing for a long time towards outpatient care,” concludes Weatherby.


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