Medtech announces the sale of three ROSA surgical robots in Asia


Medtech has sold three ROSA surgical robots in Asia during April, marking an increased adoption in the Asian market.

Bertin Nahum, chief executive officer and founder of Medtech said: “The sale of three ROSA surgical robots in the past month continues to demonstrate the growing demand for precision surgical robotics both in the region and globally. Our consistent sales performance in the region highlights the success of Medtech’s commercial activities in this promising Asian market.”

Two of the three ROSA systems were sold in China, a key driver in Asia and one of Medtech’s target markets for growth. With the sale of these two units, Medtech now has seven ROSA robots in China.

The third ROSA unit was sold in India. The robot was purchased by the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) hospital in New Delhi. AIIMS hospital’s centre for neurosurgery treats more than 3,000 neurosurgery patients and 1,500 trauma patients each year.