Medovex receives reimbursement for DenerveX facet joint syndrome treatment in Germany


Germany’s reimbursement authority has released new payment coding for the DenerveX system (Medovex) technology for the treatment of faced joint syndrome.

The new reimbursement coding, effective immediately, was released in the Diagnosis-Related Group system in 2016 in Germany. This coding allows for hospitals and outpatient centres to receive reimbursement for the use of the DenerveX System for the treatment of facet joint syndrome in the spine.

According to Patrick Kullmann, president and chief operating officer of Medovex, “The new reimbursement code in Germany is a significant milestone in our European launch preparation for the DenerveX System…Reimbursement is perhaps the most foundational element supporting adoption for a medical technology. It’s for this reason, amongst others, that we are very pleased to have successfully secured the codes issuance.”

The DenerveX system consists of the DenerveX device, a single use device, and the DenerveX Pro-40 power generator. The system is designed to provide a minimally invasive treatment option which combines two actions into one device.

The patented system, currently in final development and not yet commercially available, is designed to provide longer lasting relief of pain associated with the facet joint. DenerveX is not yet CE marked or US Food and Drug Administration-cleared.