Medtronic announces US commercial launch of Mazor X Stealth Edition

Mazor X
Mazor X (Medtronic)

The first US patients have been treated with the Mazor X Stealth Edition (Medtronic) for spine surgery following its commercial launch. The technology offers a procedural solution for surgical planning, workflow, execution and confirmation. The system was first used at Norton Healthcare in Louisville, USA, and Reston Hospital Center in Reston, USA.

“It is rare that huge sectors of technology such as robotics and navigation merge into a sole platform as found in the Mazor X Stealth Edition. Combined, these may provide more predictable and reliable execution of our procedure workflows,” remarked Jeffrey Gum, orthopaedic spine surgeon at Norton Leatherman Spine.

Co-developed between Medtronic and the recently acquired Mazor Robotics, the Mazor X Stealth Edition incorporates Stealth software technology into the Mazor X robotic-assisted surgery platform to deliver workflow predictability and flexibility through real-time image guidance, visualisation and navigation informed by interactive 3D planning and information systems.

“The marriage of robotics and navigation represents the future of computerised planning and execution in spine surgery. Robotics and navigation have both been shown to improve accuracy and precision in spine surgery,” commented Christopher Good, spine surgeon at Reston Hospital Center, director of Scoliosis & Spinal Deformity and president of The Virginia Spine Institute.

He continued: “The Mazor X Stealth Edition is a revolutionary new technology that uses cutting-edge software to plan the surgical procedure, then uses a robotic arm to guide implants and instruments through the steps of the surgical procedure with precision, while simultaneously using real-time imaging feedback to ensure the plan is being carried out as desired.”

The Mazor X Stealth Edition was cleared by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in November 2018. The system is now available in the US and is expected to launch in key regions throughout the year.


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