Mazor Robotics signs distribution agreements for SpineAssist in The Netherlands and Italy


Mazor Robotics Ltd. announced that it has signed agreements in Italy and The Netherlands for distribution of Mazor’s flagship product, SpineAssist, a surgical robotic system that enables surgeons to conduct spine surgeries in a safe and accurate manner.

The agreement in Italy was signed with AB Medica, one of the leading distributors of medical robotic equipment in Europe. Headquartered in Milan, the company has introduced a significant number of innovative technologies to the Italian healthcare industry, including robotic surgical systems. In The Netherlands, Mazor signed a distributorship with InSpine and they have already completed a system sale to the Bergman Clinic in Amsterdam, a leading private medical center.


SpineAssist allows surgeons to place implants into a patient during spine surgeries, enabling them to perform minimally invasive procedures with greater accuracy and less radiation. It is also used in spinal deformity corrective surgeries such as scoliosis operations, which are considered the most challenging spine procedures.  The system consists of a robot that is mounted on the spine during surgery and a workstation that runs advanced surgical planning software.


“SpineAssist is currently the only robotic system in the world that provides surgical guidance for spine surgeries, redefining the standard of care that surgeons can provide for their patients,” said Ori Hadomi, CEO of Mazor Robotics. “We are encouraged by the growing sales and utilisation of SpineAssist and consider this to be a strong indicator of the significant value it provides to patients, surgeons and hospitals.”


The distribution agreements are part of Mazor’s current expansion of all of its worldwide sales. The company recently hired a new VP of Sales as well as three regional sales representatives in the USA and has also expanded its Israel-based European sales team.