Life Spine’s Prolift and Tibow spacers receive Osseo-Loc titanium surface treatment


Life Spine has announced the full commercial launch of two additions to the Osseo-Loc spinal implant range.

The company’s ProLift expandable posterior/transforaminal lumbar interbody fusion spacer system and the Tibow expandable transforaminal lumbar interbody fusion spacer system join Life Spine’s Osseo-Loc offering of titanium surface-treated implants.

Osseo-Loc is a proprietary surface treatment that creates an osteophylic surface architecture for potential bone on-growth. The surface architecture is designed to promote mineralisation of implant, while negating potential challenges associated with surface treated implants. Osseo-Loc is intended to maintain native titanium grain structure and material, and has been designed to optimise intervertebral stability.

The implants join the company’s Plateau-C cervical spacer and the Pro-Link TI stand-alone cervical spacer system, among others in the Osseo-Loc range.


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